Friday, April 22, 2011

Marcquille's Story

Age 17

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Sickle Cell Disease

Anyone who knows Marcquille has shared a good laugh with him. He has a knack for finding the humor in just about anything, and he never gets tired of making people laugh.

Marcquille’s upbeat spirit isn’t dimmed by his ongoing battle with a chronic, life-threatening disease. In spite of severe pain episodes caused by sickle cell disease, Marcquille is an incredibly accomplished young man. He was elected junior class president, starred in a local production of “Raisin in the Sun,” and received a leadership award from the Board of Education. When he isn’t hanging out with friends or playing video games, Marcquille also finds time to sing in multiple choirs, play the piano, take advanced placement high school courses and run on the track team.

He is candid about his disease and devoted to educating others about sickle cell, from addressing Connecticut’s legislature to sharing his story with his peers. Wherever he is and whatever he’s doing, Marcquille’s bright outlook on life is contagious

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